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Custo Mailbox

Receive the world

at your doorstep

Never let a parcel delivery rule your entire schedule again.

Spending time looking for your parcel around the neighbourhood is a thing of the past. That’s a promise.

Smart technology at your front door.

Codes, smart bells or special door locks are a thing of the past. The Custo® smart mailbox opens by using the barcode on the parcel. No more extra work (both for yourself and for the courier) because, thanks to our 5G connection the only thing you have to open is your package.

Always a safe delivery option with Custo®

We are all busy. That's why Custo® works for you, not the other way around. This allows you to free up more time for what really matters: family, friends, sports, hobbies, travel, ... Without stress or worry about missing a delivery. And last but not least, we also created a slot (on the side) for all your letters and newspapers....

Custo® is the very first smart mailbox of its kind.

Never worry about a delivery again, Custo® is here.

custo mailbox
custo mailbox
From $699
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Custo® was created by experts & investors with a unique vision of the future.

Custo® is supported by investors.

Our investors believe in a more sustainable delivery solution. Custo® offers this option in the form of beautiful & innovative design.